“Times Past to Present” is a book created by our local historical society that gives many histories.

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 The first people to come as a group (nine families) settled in the area in 1903.

A Roman Catholic Church and a general store were built about a mile southwest of the present town. By late 1907, the railroad came through to Saskatoon and trains began regular service in 1908.The railway company built a Station and established the townsite of Allan. (The name ALLAN was the same name as one of their directors, and also the name of one of the district pioneers; as well, the towns on either side were being named in alphabetical order.)

 One of the first buildings in Allan was the Methodist Church, soon followed by the store and Catholic Church, which were moved in from the country.

Allan was incorporated as a village in 1910 and became a town in 1965.  We have maintained a steady population of between 600-700 people for the last 20 years, this demonstrates the stability and long term viability of Allan.

Allan enjoys a reputation as a good and satisfying place to live. Progressive, friendly and generous people of diversified cultural backgrounds have made this community one of the best in the Province.