Allan Composite School

Serving Students from Pre K-12

You may register your child in Allan School by contacting 306.257.3311.

The school has two gymnasiums. Both are used extensively to support a strong physical education program. All students have access to the central library. The library is well equipped and provides windows to the rest of the world. Many class rooms are equiped with projectors and SMART boards thanks to generous donations from PCS Allan.

The school receives satellite transmissions from the Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) and is able to provide a number of Distance Education Classes.

Elementary staff work hard to keep current with new curriculum and are very sensitive to meeting the needs of all students. They believe in working together with parents and the community to help children meet their academic and social needs. The school offers a range of extracurricular activities for students at the younger grade levels, such as curling, field trips, and science fairs.

The High School program for our grades 7 to 12 students matches that of many larger schools. A full range of academic classes are available. The school prides itself in the Home Economics and Industrial Arts programs that are offered. Both programs have good equipment and facilities.

The drama club puts on a major yearly performance and competes at the Regional and Provincial level. School hallways consistently have displays of student written and artistic assignments, and include samples of student artwork.

The school offers a variety of athletic programs. Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Curling, and Track and Field are offered as school sports. The teaching staff show great commitment and dedication to coaching our students and the results of this are clear.

The school has a good relationship with the community. The school administration invites parents to become involved and to contact the school at any time with suggestions or concerns. The School Community Council provides opportunities for the community to provide their input and has excellent links to the Division Board. The community has access to the school, its staff, and administration, and in return provides support for the school and its programs. The school has an excellent working relationship with the local Recreation Board, and Recreation Facilities.

Allan School is under the care of the Prairie Spirit School Division.

History of Allan School

Allan School District #2914 was formed on February 22, 1913. The first classes were held in the town hall until 1915 when the “brick school” was built. During the 1940’s centralization resulted in overcrowding and in 1954 seven new classrooms were constructed replacing the old brick school. Enrollment continued to climb and in 1963 further construction was started. By March 1965, the north half of the present school, up to the gymnasium entrance, was ready to use. The gymnasium was built in 1971; in 1980 the new west wing was built; and in 1984 the 1954 section of the school was demolished and rebuilt. The school now contains 21 classrooms, two gymnasiums, an industrial arts shop, laboratories for chemistry, biology, computer science and home economics, a library and resource center. Student enrollment is now 175 with 15 teachers and 15 support staff. We have expertise in providing programs for the social and emotional needs of students as well as offering a variety of academic programming. The staff includes experienced classroom teachers, special education personnel, a guidance counselor, and dedicated support staff.